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Anxiety Management

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Managing Anxiety Symptoms


CBT sessions for individual and group therapy to overcome anxiety symptoms.

If we are serious about overcoming an anxiety disorder, we need to approach anxiety from every positive angle and perspective that we have available to us. Therefore, we focus on three main areas, all three of which must be addressed in therapy

1. Cognitive (thinking/belief processes)

Here we learn new methods and ways to change our old thinking patterns and habits. If we’re always thinking and expecting the worst, then we will continue to suffer. We train or condition our minds to think and respond differently than we have in the past. Or think of it this way – if we can be conditioned to think and feel negatively, then we can be reconditioned to think healthfully.

We have dozens of specific methods and techniques that we use -- and you only need to find several methods that work well for you. We usually start CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) at this stage.

Some effective techniques are:

Stopping automatic negative thinking (ANTs)

Rational and helpful self-statements that can become permanent and "automatic"

Continuing to move our self-statements up

Whose voice are you listening to, anyhow? Do we have to listen and believe all those old lies?

The determination factor: becoming more focused and gently determined

Focusing: What are you paying attention to?

perfectionism, anger, frustration, setbacks, and our view of the world


  2.Behavioural ( what we do )

 The behavioural aspect of therapy is the part where we actually put everything into place in everyday, real-life situations where we are bothered by anxiety and depression.

This area is always handled at the same time or after cognitive therapy, because we need a strong foundation of cognitive and emotional skills/strategies so that we can begin living and acting differently before we confront real-life challenges.

This stage is essential for people with some of the anxiety problems (such as social anxiety disorder) and serves as a powerful adjunct to individual treatment


  3. Emotional (relaxation/peaceful/strength and power strategies)


It is important to have some type of relaxation or "de-stress" strategy that is accessible whenever we need it.  In this area, calmness and peace are the goals.

The more your brain is quiet and relaxed, the easier therapeutic information can get into it and be processed. This is simply another way to let the therapy reach your brain and gently sink in.

Our focus is on peace and calmness here. Don't suffer in silence, you are not alone:

We at Romy"s counselling can help  you mange your anxiety symptoms in a non threatening supportive environment.

For individual counselling CBT session to cope with anxiety symptoms. Please contact us to book a session or to register in a group.

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Referrals could be self, doctor or other health care professionals.

Group duration: 10 weeks

Group is a closed group 

Fees  not covered by OHIP. Fees paid can be claim as a medical tax deduction or your extended health provider plan.



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