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Diabetes Counselling and Foot care

Diabetes according to the Canadian Diabetes Association affects more than 3 million Canadian and for clients diagnose with the disease can experience increase depressed symptoms as they adjust to the disease of diabetes. Being diagnosed with diabetes if not properly manage can lead to complication including heart disease, eye disease, nerve damage that can lead to problem in the foot and later amputation.
Counselling service is offered for newly diagnosed diabetics and long standing diabetes. The session offered includes: managing diabetes, symptoms, coping with depression, nutrition, weight management counselling, foot care, and life style, and self management education group.
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Diabetic Foot care  treatment
Foot complication such as nerve damage can be common with diabetic clients. This complication can lead to the diabetic client not being able to feel the soles of the  feet if an injury occurs, as a result the injury can lead  to foot amputation.  Foot care counselling and treatment is available to elderly and diabetic clients who are at risk for foot complication.  This service is offered by a certified foot care nurse CFCN with extensive knowledge in diabetes and geriatric foot care.

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