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Concurrent Disorder Group

What are concurrent disorder
Concurrent disorder is the term used to describe a combination of substance use and mental health problems. Other terms that are use includes: dual disorders, co-occuring disorders, and co-mobidity.
Some examples of concurrent disorders are :
  • An anxiety disorder and a drinking problem
  • Schizophrenia, depression and cannabis dependence
  • borderline personality disorder , heroin dependence and an alcohol problem
  • depression and dependence on sleeping pills.
  • depression and a dependence on pain killers to cope with a physical injury 


What causes concurrent disorders?


Some people who have a mental health problem may use substance to feel better. While substance use is very risky in such cases, it can help people forget their problems or relieved symptoms of mental health problems .


For some people, a common factor may lead to both mental health and substance use problem. This factor may be biological or an event such as emotional or physical trauma.

Substance use can harm people 's lives and relationship. For example, substance use problems may result in a person losing his or her job  or partner. These indirect effects of substance use may, in turn,cause mental health problems



  • In the Concurrent Disorder group you will learn in a supportive non threatening environment the link between substance use and or / gambling and mental health issues.  
  • Biological, psychosocial, social, cultural, and spiritual approach to recovery.
  • Identifying personal genetic vulnerability and risk of substance dependence and mental illness
  • Coping with triggers, withdrawal and relapse prevention
  • Coping with depression and anxiety related symptoms with respect to concurrent disorders
  • Implementing the Stages of change, motivation and working through ambivalence in respect to treatment.


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