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Infertility Support  Counselling


Emotional feelings associated with  fertility problems.


When people experience fertility problems, they often experience feelings of guilt and powerlessness. Their lack of control over their fertility can make them feel helpless. Often, individuals tend to blame themselves or their partner for the fertility problems. Unfortunately, this need to lay blame can be destructive to a relationship and cause resentment to build up between partners. You may also find yourself questioning your abilities, identity and even your self-worth. 


Couples can experience problems when one partner is committed to pursuing all treatment options and doing "whatever it takes" to have a child while the other would prefer to set limits. There can also be feelings of anxiety about which treatment option is best and whether or not it will work. Additionally, many couples find themselves to be in a grieving process because of the child that they are unable to have. Women who have experienced multiple miscarriages may especially be affected by feelings of grief


With all of these emotions running high, it is not surprising that there can be a negative impact on your sex life when you and your partner experience fertility problems. Because of all the emotional issues connected to infertility, seeking help, either through a counselor who will work one-on-one with you and your partner or through a group support setting, can assist you in overcoming these problems.

We at Romy's Counselling can help you in a non threatening, non judgemental supportive environment.


Individual or Group Support Therapy  


Many couples have taken advantage of infertility support groups in their area. Unlike counseling sessions, which involve just you and your partner with a therapist, support groups are general meetings attended by a number of individuals or couples. These meetings are run by a registered nurse, therapist who has extensive experience in facilitating infertility group. 

 Group support can be a liberating and empowering experience. While it is often discouraged to talk openly about infertility, at these meetings you are encouraged to speak up about your situation. Feelings of isolation may begin to disappear when you have regular contact with other people going through the same problem as you.

Stress management techniques,  Relaxation Techniques, Coping with loss, Self Esteem, Cognitive behavioural and reconstructive techniques will be thought.

Counseling for infertility problems shouldn't be limited to discussing what your treatment options are and what to do next. Emotional issues play an important part in infertility and impact your ability to cope with the situation. Through professional counselling, you and your partner can start to feel more positive about your fertility problems and help strengthen your relationship with each other.

Our staff at Romy's Counselling  includes registered nurses,  certified Nurse Psychotherapist, midwife,  registered psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and Holistic health practitioners, acupuncturist  and registered massage therapist.

Group duration 12 weeks

1 weekly session - times 2 hours per week


To book an appointment to see a therapist, acupuncturist for a treatment, massage therapist, or holistic health nutritionist.
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