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Mindfulness Parenting Group

Mindfulness Parenting Group
Mindful parenting can facilitate healing and growth for parents as well as for the child.  Encouraging  self-acceptance and self-compassion by promoting increased understanding between parent and child. In addition, by developing your child’s potential and foster positive self-esteem.
mindful parenting emphasizes parenting in context of a mindful relationship. The child feels heard, respected, and seen as accepting.
When a child‘s behavior needs to be addressed for moral, safety or health reasons, his needs could be responded to with clarity, calm, compassion and wisdom.
Parenting tasks covered in this group includes:
  • Fundamental principles underlying your approach
  • Identifying stress symptoms, triggers, and anxiety in yourself and your child.
  • Coping and dealing with your stress, using relaxation, thought stopping and distraction
  • Using effective coping strategies including using effective communication.
  • Time out
  • Guiding, disciplining, nurturing, and providing a safe and healthy environment for your child.


This group is facilitated by a registered social worker and a child and youth care worker with extensive knowledge working with families and children with autism, autism spectrum disorders, attachment disorders, aggressive disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit and hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

This group is open to parents and children who are diagnosed with aspergers, autism spectrum disorders, children diagnose with anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive, panic, attention deficit disorders, attention deficit and hyperactive disorders, aggression disorders, and children suffering with depression and bipolar.


There will be an initial screening assessment with parent and child to evaluate appropriateness for the group. Group participants with be placed with children of similar diagnoses and age range.

The group is small (maximum of 8 participants including 1parent and 1 child)


This group may be covered by your health insurance plan. If not, it can be used as a medical income tax expense by Revenue Canada.

To register please call contact Romy’s Counselling  905-452-7227 or 6474008467
Initial assessment will be done to assess suitability for this group..