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Self Esteem Group Therapy 

Self Esteem Group Therapy


Low self-esteem can be the result of trying to live up to unrealistic standards.  This group is open to any adult. Usually one we acquired early in life and which are no longer relevant.  As a result, your inner critic may be distorted or negative in what you may be are saying to yourself and how you may be viewing yourself. The inner critic actually thinks it’s helping us, protecting us from surprise hurts or disappointments for instance. It is never too late to fix unhealthy distorted thinking pattern, and it’s entirely possible to silence the inner critic and gain increased self esteem..

In this group you will learn what is self-esteem,  how to silence the inner critic using positive self-talk, various tips that enhance and boost self-esteem,  relaxation techniques, affirmation, and using assertive techniques.

Duration 8 week sessions, cost covered by most extended health care plans.
Group cost is not covered by OHIP.
Please contact us to register for session.


Times Tuesday 5.00 to 630PM
Maximum 12 participants per session.
For a free screening, please contact Romy’s Counselling at 905-452-7227 or 647-400-8467